How can ERP Competency help organizations struggling with talent pool management?

There are compelling statistics when it comes to modern ERP systems and why midsized businesses too need to look towards ERP to improve their business operations. Most companies that have in house ERP teams or who work on ERP often struggle with talent retention and hiring. Last minute hires, lack of proper evaluation of consultants and talent pool being stuck in support or maintenance related projects that lead to poor or no exposure to various important scenarios – these are some of the most common problems faced by most companies while they when it comes to managing man power for their ERP applications. This calls for specialized ERP competencies and this where organizations such as KALS Information Systems Ltd enter the scenario. Read on to learn how their ERP competency practises are useful to companies faced with challenges in hiring and retaining a skilled talent pool for their ERP applications.

KALS’ ERP competency practise aims at bridging the gap that is usually present between the project goals, hiring plans and other challenges faced by organizations and the career plans of employees. They help by creating shadow teams, providing short term consultations and helping out when it comes to hiring by evaluating the candidates being hired and ensuring that they are the right fit for the job and so on. KALS Information Systems also helps with the delivery schedule of projects along with providing a self managed support structure for various types of projects. For more information about their ERP competency practise, check out or drop an enquiry @

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