Time Is Running Out! Think About the Ways to Change Technology Mentoring Services

As the saying goes, “Small business, you can give them capital, but what they often need as much is mentoring, advice, and help with their business plan”- Karen Mills. When should you look at the mentoring option? Losing development staff to competition? Want to implement a new software development project with new tech? KALS is the ideal choice for such a task as they have years of experience in the area of technology mentoring and have helped many a business with their top notch services.


KALS Information System Ltd has a unique type of mentoring service. The objective is to equip your in-house development team with the new technology skills. Mentoring services are targeted to improve the level of maturity of your in-house team significantly. It will be designed and implemented with a customized mentoring program.

Benefits of mentoring:

  • Building strengths that are unique
  • Detailed investigation and assessment of skills
  • Long term self sufficiency in cross training terms
  • Takes into account past data

On top of that, the entire process is technology based. The Mentoring process plan with KALS includes:

  • Assessment of levels from the team with the help of technology
  • Identify problem areas based on historical project data
  • Identify the key challenges and priorities with respect to mentoring
  • Based on management approval and feedback develop a detailed Mentoring project plan.
  • Mentoring plan to include – general technology / process tutorial sessions – assessment mechanisms and support materials as well as process
  • Execute the plan, review periodically and keep the management appraised of progress etc.,


You could pick a perfect solution for mentoring your company by analyzing these factors. Using the above strategies and delivering stunning results has ensured that there are no KALS Information Systems complaints from organizations that employ their services.

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