Shine ERP System – Specially designed for metal manufacturers

Are you running a manufacturing unit that deals with designing and producing metal and metal-based products such as wires, tubes, bars, and more? Then you should definitely check out Shine ERP system from KALS Information Systems. Designed to international standards, this software program will help you streamline your work flow and continually track productivity and quality. This will help you optimize your work process and improve the efficiency of the workers. Plus, setting up an ERP software in place will help build more trust in the minds of your clients.

So, who can use this Shine ERP software program offered by KALS Information Systems? Though there are many KAL reviews about possible companies that can use this software, it is highly effective for units that deal with customized manufacturing units. If you use very high-quality and pricey materials for your production, then you will definitely need an automated system in place that will track materials available and used. This will help you keep track of the amount of material used during each work day. Plus, it will give you an accurate idea of the wastage and help you identify places where you can reduce wastage.

The Shine ERP software from KALS Information Systems helps you take up inventory management even at the work order level. This seamless integration of data from different departments in your company will give you a clear and detailed overview of the entire work flow. So, the top level management will be able to make better and informed decisions. Plus, it also helps you give regular updates of the work progress to your clients. KAL reviews on the work flow and quality are detailed, so that transparency is maintained.

If your business customers ask for customized packaging solutions, documents, and statutory compliance, then KALS Information Systems Shine ERP software will make the job easier for you. As you have all the real-time data on hand, you will be able to work more efficiently to satisfy your clients. If you want to get this ERP software for your manufacturing unit, contact us today.

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